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See you soon  / David Jones
There are so many stories I could tell when thinking of James. He was so much fun and always getting into trouble in some way or another. There was always a bet to be had and never a dull moment. He will be remembered as a true pirate and adventurer. God bless Jamie.
So many good times!  / Mel
I have so many good memories of James, through the years there has been some great times. James is one of those guys who would never quit -always pushing to go one further. Our days at the race track just don't seem the same without you boy. Mel
A legend  / Henry

I used to think James was the best dad a kid could ask for. Bobby and I would spend weekends at the house in Cranbrook - it was the ultimate party house. I have so many fond memories of the house. We used to spend the day play games outside on the lawn and then stay up all night playing video games and watching films. There was never a dull moment and the summers seemed to go on forever.

Jamie would always want to join in with our games. He was a competitive guy, but great with the kids. No doubt he would be watching the racing on TV or talking business on the phone. When it came to his turn to bat, James would stop what he was doing (no matter how important) and take a huge swing at the ball. He never took anything seriously!

Saturday evenings would be spent watching ice hockey. The kids would pile into the car and off we all went to the ice rink. I guess you could say that Jamie spoiled us rotten.

Bobby's turned out so much like his old man it's untrue. He can walk into any room and walk out with new friends. He does everything his own way. I guess Jamie was a Peter Pan to us kids. He was a true adventurer and gentleman and that's how I'll remember him.

Miss you James!!  / Val

James, you were the light of our lives. There are so many fond memories that I don't know where to begin. Your wicked sense of humour always made me laugh. There's always one person in life who makes the day seem better and this was you! You will be missed by so many. The good times just don't seem so good without you.

Friends of Mike Burke  / Michael Burke   Read >>
Friends of Mike Burke  / Michael Burke
We would like to express our prayers and love to Lin and family. Mike was a wonderful friend. We loved his smiles and laugh at all times. Even when he wasn't feeling so great!

If there is anything Larry and I can do for you and your family please let us know.

Your friends,

Rosemary and Larry Swabby
669 Hawk Run  Drive
O'Fallon,Mo. 63368 Close
my thoughts nd feelings  / LUCIANO PETIX (STEPHEN'S GODSON )  Read >>
my thoughts nd feelings  / LUCIANO PETIX (STEPHEN'S GODSON )

i never got to know or meet jamie but many ppl talked of him, he was a nice and loved person,  wish i could of met him i know steave missed him for all these years. now they are in a better place together watching over all of us that were close to them/him !!

i was close to stephen in many ways he was like my farther i looked up to steave alot.i thought the world of him always made ppl happy and looked out for ppl!!

i miss STEAVE. wishing i could be there for  HIM and talk to him one more time, i remember he called me and my farther carmelo monkeys lol.that was his nickname for me and mel!! he was a joker.. stephen was a lovely kind brilliant man, man of his word he always stuck by ppl close to him always helped over ppl in need!

stephen and jaimie resting in peace no more problems and stress living the rest of there lives hppy and comfortable! im happy for them both to see eachover once again!! no9 more pain being caused!!!

steave ill always thank you for what you gave to me and made happen for me! wish we had more years together so we could  of had some fun times together il miss you every day no matter what!! always no your close you dearly

will always miss you two, never will staeve or jaimie slip our minds always be remembered and loved from petix family!!!

hope you will look over ppl and take care of your own love you always luciano petix

will never close contact steave xxxxxxxxxxx

mark / Mark Alston (friend)  Read >>
mark / Mark Alston (friend)
jim you are now back together with steve save a nice place for me where ever you are yo are both sadly missed steve has been a great friendf to me and many other people i misss him Close
moyhea crju vik heda  / Garaba Ibeahim (lotvezzr)  Read >>
moyhea crju vik heda  / Garaba Ibeahim (lotvezzr)

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An Angel by Your Side  / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)   Read >>
An Angel by Your Side  / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)
May You Always Have
An Angel by Your Side

“May you always have an angel by your side
Watching out for you in all things you do
Reminding you to keep believing in brighter days
Finding ways for your wishes and dreams to come true
Giving you hope that is as certain as the sun
Giving you the strength of serenity as your guide
May you always have love and comfort and courage
And may you always have an angel by your side
Someone there to catch you if you fall
Encouraging your dreams
Inspiring your happiness
Holding your hand and helping you through it all
In all of our days, our lives are always changing
Tears come along as well as smiles
Along the roads you travel, may the miles be a thousand times more lovely than lonely
May they give you gifts that never, ever end: someone wonderful to love and a dear friend in whom you can confide
May you have rainbows after every storm
May you have hopes to keep you warm
And may you always have an angel by your side”

-Douglas Pagels
Long live Jamie  / Alan Carlton (none)  Read >>
Long live Jamie  / Alan Carlton (none)
May your brother live forever in your memories and the memories of those that were touched by Jamie.
Long live your brother. Close
My heart goes out to you and your family  / Rainbou-skye Storm (none)  Read >>
My heart goes out to you and your family  / Rainbou-skye Storm (none)
I can acrosss this memoral while lookin for the memoral of my cousin who pass just last month she was 27 yrs.........
                 I read the tribute you wrote of your did not had to say the word LOVE but it was there in every word you i eyes fill with tears thinkin of your loss..........may god give you and your family the strength and caurage to face each day with out your love one..... in time the pain will ease but the scar will always remain...........the love between you and your brother was second to none......after writing this am goin to call my sisters and tell them how much they mean to me............God bless you..............RAINBOU-SKYE Close
WOW / Ghf Gfhf (ButtBuddy)  Read >>
WOW / Ghf Gfhf (ButtBuddy)

That guy sounds like a faggot.

Condolences / Trisha (Stranger)  Read >>
Condolences / Trisha (Stranger)
Dear Family,

Please accept my condolences; I am very sorry for your loss. In times of grief it is very hard to know what to say that would be comforting, especially since I am a stranger to you.

When we lose loved ones in death so many emotions and thoughts flood the mind. Some wonder, where the deceased are, can they see or hear us, will we see them again? If you have wondered these things, please see the following web link that has some very comforting thoughts from the Bible.

it's sad  / Alverik Flex (pal)  Read >>
it's sad  / Alverik Flex (pal)
it is sad to loose a beloved one Close
asdfasdf / As Asdfasd (fdsafsd)  Read >>
asdfasdf / As Asdfasd (fdsafsd)
asdfasdf Close
pay day  / Bill Sikes (life saver )  Read >>
pay day  / Bill Sikes (life saver )
lets hopeall is well Close
my deepest sympathy  / Janice   Read >>
my deepest sympathy  / Janice
I'm sorry for your loss. An officemate asked me to visit, I cried when I read your story about your brother, in a way I was jealous because you were able to hug & tell your brother you love him before he was gone. I never got the chance to do that with my Dad. In some days I still feel like I'm waiting for him to come home. I loss my Dad 5 months ago and the pain is too much to bear. Maybe when I'm ready I'll create one for my Dad. Close
Sorry / Eymard Martin   Read >>
Sorry / Eymard Martin
Sorrry For your loss Close
Comforting Scripture  / Elizabeth   Read >>
Comforting Scripture  / Elizabeth
I would like to express my condolences tot he family and share one scripture, it's taken from the bible book of Johns chapter 5 verses 28 and 29 which says:
"Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice 29 and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment." This is just one of the promises the Bible holds out for those who have lost someone in death, there are many more comforting scriptures.  If you would like me to share more with you please feel free to contact me at my email address.

Liz. Close
Sporting Greats  / Justin Thomas (friend)  Read >>
Sporting Greats  / Justin Thomas (friend)

         'Quem di diligunt
          Adulescens moritur.'
                                        James Forsyth.
    A wonderful amateur rugby player,athlete,gamesplayer and sportsman
fiercely competitive but always played for fun. Great company and generous to a fault .
    It was a privilege to have been your friend. Justin. Close
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